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The Mother From Hell

For years Theresa Knorr subjected her offspring to a variety of physical and mental tortures, culminating in her ordering her two sons to drug, torture and then burn alive one of their sisters. This i

ISBN10 : 9781843584261 , ISBN13 : 1843584263

Page Number : 261

Mother Dearest

The bond between a mother and daughter is like no other. But in the case of the Knorr family, with deranged and deluded mother Theresa Knorr at its head, the love and trust that a child naturally plac

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The Good Doctor

With the full co-operation of Shipman's former receptionist, investigative journalist Wensley Clarkson has traced the course of Shipman's career and reveals that the previous estimates of the extent o

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Kenny Noye

Kenneth Noye is a criminal mastermind and millionaire. The man at the top of organized crime in Britain fled the country after the murder of young motorist Stephen Cameron on the M25. His extradition

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