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Black Flags

**WINNER of the PULITZER PRIZE for NON-FICTION 2016** In a thrilling dramatic narrative, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Joby Warrick traces how the strain of militant Islam behind ISIS first arose in

ISBN10 : 1473540674 , ISBN13 : 9781473540675

Page Number : 480

Disrupt You

In today's volatile business landscape, adaptability and creativity are more crucial than ever. It is no longer possible-or even desirable-to learn one set of job skills and to work your way up the la

ISBN10 : 1250059399 , ISBN13 : 9781250059390

Page Number : 304

Start Up Nation

START-UP NATION addresses the trillion dollar question: How is it that Israel-- a country of 7.1 million, only 60 years old, surrounded by enemies, in a constant state of war since its founding, with

ISBN10 : 1455503460 , ISBN13 : 9781455503469

Page Number : 336